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Teaching Sex Ed

Understanding Adolescent Sexuality and Teaching Sex Ed

Many teachers are required to teach sexuality education in one capacity or another. Trends in sexuality change over the years and adults can often be left at a loss for understanding the needs of their students. This one day intensive workshop will explore new trends in sexuality and provide teachers with accurate information on some of the risks involved in adolescent sexuality as well as allow teachers to become more familiar with these issues and more comfortable presenting sex education materials to their students Participants will be given practical tools to teach this subject to grade levels 7-11, although discussion and exercises may be modified for elementary levels as well. Topics include; Anatomy, understanding adolescent sexual behaviors, current trends with teens, STI Information, birth control and condom information, how to answer difficult questions, and tools for teaching.

This training is offered in most Provinces.

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  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful day. It was nice to sit back and listen to a very thoughtful and thorough presentation. I was very impressed by how you presented the information. Too often the message is value- laden one way or the other.
    I thought your presentation was balanced and I will use some of the material this week in class"
  • "It was the most helpful professional development I have had this year. It was completely geared towards teaching. Often an inservice will give you information and you have to decide how to relate it to the classroom. Your seminar was filled with tools I will use. I am looking forward to teaching the material!"
  • "I really enjoyed your workshop. There was lots to learn and take away. I particularly liked your speed. I like it when things move along and I think that professionals, in their time-starved worlds, really appreciate attending a conference where facilitators understand that the time we have taken to attend is valuable and we want to take something significant away with us"
  • "Not only can Stephanie teach but she always has the right attitude and makes you feel good about yourself"
  • "Stephanie is amazing"
  • "I really appreciated her communication skills. She is a very engaging speaker"
  • "Great sense of humor, light hearted, very easy to listen to"
  • "Dynamic and makes people feel comfortable and a part of the group"
  • "Kids would definitely learn a lot from you!"
  • "You answered questions fully and always made the topics fun & informative!"
  • "Excellent workshop! You should be implemented as a regular part of the Education Program in Quebec"
  • "I like how she makes sure to explain the topics in a manner that everyone can understand whether we're students, professionals or parents"
  • "Stephanie is an excellent facilitator. She is open to new information and sharing"
  • "Thank you for your generosity of knowledge"
  • "Stephanie is an excellent speaker, professional and stimulating!"
  • "Stephanie is respectful and fun. It is amazing how fun & upbeat she remains throughout the day"
  • "Stephanie is a true and natural speaker. Listening is so easy!"
  • "Keep doing what you're doing!"
  • "Love your humor and relaxed style"
  • "Terrific presentations. She sure knows her stuff"
  • "Her laid back approach is effective and appropriate, give the topic"
  • "I want to thank you for a great session. I learned a ton and the rest was great review. You don't realize how much you forget when you have been away from this stuff for a period of time. I thought you were great, and you put a fun spin on things too! Keep up the good work!"