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For Aborignal Communities

With teen pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS well over the Canadian average, Aboriginal communities are in need of a specialized sex education program for their community workers, teenagers, parents and teachers.

A comprehensive sexuality education program is a very important component for any community in order to keep its members and the generations to follow, healthy. This sexuality program will foster a greater understanding of sexual health and up-to-date information in the following areas:

  • Developmental changes during Puberty
  • A knowledge of sexual anatomy
  • Pregnancy
  • Problems with teenage pregnancy
  • Contraception and the efficacy of the various choices
  • Sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS)
  • Protection against sexually transmitted infections
  • How to communicate your values around sexual issues
  • Stronger decision making skills

Emphasis will be placed on following traditional Native philosophy in the educational process.


  • "It was a great privilege to have had Ms. Stephanie Mitelman, Certified Sex Educator from Sexpressions visit our community of Mistissini  from March 9-13, 2006. This training was tremendously needed to educate our youth, health workers, teachers and especially parents.  In our culture, sex is a hush hush...not to be talked about at all.  Her teaching method and the atmosphere which she created for the participants was fun and very comfortable".
  • "If it weren't for Stephanie, I do not think we would have taken the opportunity to do a Sex education session with our high school students let alone a radio program. The training was very informative and concise, enough for us to understand the importance of educating ourselves, the students and community members about the importance of being aware about the different issues in sexuality".
  • "I found this training to be a combination of great learning and hands-on experience which allowed me to be more competent and confident when speaking with my own children and with the students that I work with. Next month, I will be facilitating a sexuality training program in our school and here I will be able to apply and implement the importance of teaching sexuality and the issues surrounding sexuality".
  • "I really enjoyed your training, it was both fun & informational. I was really glad to have been part of this experience. I now feel more at ease talking about SEX & having a good facilitator helped us a lot".

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Click here to download the free healthy sexuality booklets, produced by the commission of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador