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Take a Stand- Consent Canada- Activity Kit Same Day Download

Take a Stand- Consent Canada- Activity Kit

This game helps students understand the laws when it comes to sexual consent with another person. The laws around sexual coercion, assault, and rape in Canada are clear. But many people are not well informed. This exercise has students take a stand on statements they agree or disagree with. But these are not only values. There are laws that highlight these grey areas.

This activity kit comes with 21 statements about what consent and assault mean, as well as notes to the instructor about the legalities. The Agree/Disagree/Neutral placement cards are posted at corners of the room, the instructor reads out a statement, and the students will move to the corner they feel suits their answer best. This is a more physical game and useful for classes that enjoy moving.

Included: Agree/ Disagree/ Neutral placement cards, instructor statements, notes to instructors.

Duration: 20 minutes + discussion
Level: Grade 7-11

All playing pieces in kit are laminated so the game can be enjoyed by students over and over again. Available In French By Catalogue/ Disponible En Francais dans le Catalogue.

Price: $22.50

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