Safe Sexting Same Day Download

FASD- Fact or Fiction Game Using your phone to text with others is how many people communicate today. But what happens when naked pictures or sexy texts are sent through phones or the internet? Sexting is becoming a common problem for teens, and created many well-known cyberbullying cases that led to suicide. Many places consider the sending of naked pictures by and of minors (under 18) to be illegal. Other areas consider sending sexual pictures of teenage peers to others without their consent to be child pornography. This activity is sure to get students thinking critically about how to use their phones and keep safe.

Few health programs cover them, but teens need to be aware of consent, safety rules, and possible dangers when it comes to sending sexual texts and images to others and receiving them. This game explores whether sexy texting and sexting are safe and unsafe in different situations. The instructor will read statements to the class about sexting or texting surrounding consent and cyberbullying, and students will be asked to agree or disagree with the statements.

-3 Category Cards: Agree/ Disagree/ Neutral
-30 Instructor statements

Duration: 30-45 minutes
Level: 5-10

All the playing pieces come laminated so the activity can be used over and over again.

Price: $22.50

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Orginal Product