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What's Real Activity Kit

With all the misinformation that pornography and sexualized media can spread, this game targets core issues and aims to help teens understand that what they see may not always be real. This gives them the media literacy tools to challenge ideas of what sex “should” be and harmful perceptions of body image.

What’s Real is a Yes? No? game where students vote on statements that include if people are always ready for sex, if people need to worry about contraception and STI prevention, and if everyone has the kind of flawless bodies seen in the movies. Other issues that are addressed include media literacy for sex and advertising, oral sex, body image, and consent. A brief discussion between each statement should occur.

Included: Yes/ No cards, instructor statements, notes to instructor.
Concept: This game is an overview of some of the issues in viewing pornography and other sexualized media. The instructor will read out a statement and students hold up the Yes or No side of the card which reflects what they think about the declaration.

Duration: 30 minutes + discussion
Level: Grade 9-12

*Note: Some of the contents of this game use explicit language. It is recommended for ages 15 and up.

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