Web Wisdom Activity Set

This set of 4 activity kits are classroom games complete with instructions and playing pieces to teach all the basics about safety and appropriate behaviours when it comes to using technology!

All the pieces in these kits come laminated and are designed for reuse many times over. The subject of technology and safety are components of a comprehensive sexuality program in today’s times!

FASD- Fact or Fiction GameDigital Dangers: Safe or Unsafe

This game explores the actions that are safe and unsafe with using the internet, surfing the web, chat rooms, and social media sites.

FASD- Fact or Fiction GameWhat's Real Activity Kit

Students learn about and discuss what is real with images and videos of pornography, and what is fake. In today's world of access, these messages are a critical component of sex Ed!

FASD- Fact or Fiction Game'Cool Scenes' Technology

This activity is designed to sensitize teens to the emotional effects of their behaviours where technology is concerned.

FASD- Fact or Fiction GameSafe Sexting

Students explore what statements they agree with, disagree with or are unsure about with actions related to sending and receiving sexy text messages.

Price: $290.00

Orginal Product

Orginal Product