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This exercise demonstrates the diversity of people's values around sexual issues and can begin to show students that others do not always think the same way.

Our values and beliefs about sexuality are largely formed during the adolescent years. Helping students understand why they believe in the things they do is important in helping them to make good decisions, recognize sexual abuse, and ensure consent. The important element of this exercise is having students hear from each other on why they agree or disagree with the statements.

Included: Agree/Disagree/Neutral placement cards, instructor statements.
Concept: This game helps students understand their values in relation to others. The three signs are posted at opposite corners of the room, the instructor reads out a statement, and the students will move to the corner they feel best suits their values and idea of consent. This is a more physical game and useful for classes that enjoy moving.

Duration: 20 minutes + discussion
Level: Grade 7-8

Over 45 Instructor statements!
Now includes statements about diversity and the internet

Take a Stand Activity Kit

All playing pieces in kit are laminated so the game can be enjoyed by students over and over again.

Price: $22.50

Orginal Product

Orginal Product