Streetwise to Sex-Wise Book

Streetwise to Sex-Wise Book

Sexuality Education for High-Risk Youth (Second Edition)
by Steve Brown and Bill Taverner

Streetwise to Sex-Wise provides an easy-to-use yet comprehensive model for a basic series on human sexuality, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception, condoms, and more for at-risk teens. It applies a "state-of-the-art" methodology of sexuality education to teens in non-traditional settings who often have limited academic skills and are resistant to classroom-based learning.

Lessons are divided into a series for older teens (ages 14-19) and a series for pre-teens and young teens (ages 9-13). All are simple and concrete and actively involve group members in the learning process. They extend beyond mere factual information and address attitudes, values, and skills, an approach that experts find is more likely to lead to positive behaviour change in young people.

In addition, Streetwise to Sex-Wise provides background information on teaching sex education to high-risk teens, including profiles of the sexual-health concerns of four specific high-risk populations. This manual also includes a resource section of books, audio-visuals, and other teaching tools especially appropriate for high-risk youth.

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