SMART Board™ Teaching Package Sexual Health and STI Prevention

4 lessons in 1

This package of 4 lessons uses the SMART Board™ to make learning and discussing the health risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs, formerly STDs) engaging and informative while limiting unfounded fear and stigma. These activities and engaging lectures provide multiple ways for students to learn with interactive material, starting helpful discussions and giving teachers a window into student learning.

HIV HI/LO SMART Board™ Classroom Activity
Through this activity, students will dispel myths and learn the true risks of transmitting HIV. They will drag actions to show that they think an activity is high, low, or no risk and see if they are correct. Can be played as a game in teams or used as an activity in small groups or as a class. Includes a quiz for review or assessing retention.

Barriers to Protection SMART Board™ Classroom Activity
This activity teaches students everything they need to know to use condoms effectively for birth control and STI prevention, from the right steps to additional tips to dealing with excuses that may be used by their partners. Includes an activity where students decide if excuses would be used by girls, boys, or both; one where they place the steps for using condoms in order; and a teaching quiz showing them how much they know or don’t know about using condoms.

HPV Reality Check Game SMART Board™ Classroom Activity
This activity teaches the truth about the most common STI. Students will drag statements to show they believe they are true or false and see if they have the correct answer. Can be played as a game in teams or used as a small group or whole class activity. Includes a quiz for review or assessing retention.

STIs SMART Board™ Lecture
An introduction to the most common STIs with friendly cartoon pictures and explanations on avoiding transmission. Includes mini-quizzes throughout and a final multiple choice quiz for review or assessing retention.

*STIs were previously known as sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

These resources are accredited by SMART®.
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