SMART Board™ Teaching Package Puberty and Early Intervention Same Day Download

Interactive whiteboards are gaining in popularity in schools.
Sexpressions SMART Board™ Teaching Packages
are the SMART choice for teaching Sex Ed.

4 lessons in 1

This package of 4 lessons uses the SMART Board to take away the stress and boredom that often comes with learning about puberty, manners, health, body image, and hygiene. These activities and interactive lectures provide multiple ways for young students to learn by working hands-on with the material, making it fun and interesting.

Anatomy SMART Board™ Lecture
A detailed interactive presentation of male and female reproductive systems, from the inside out. Includes helpful descriptions, diagrams, and interactive review activities throughout and a final true/false anatomy quiz and labelling activity.

Puberty SMART Board™ Lecture
This new interactive presentation teaches students the specific changes they can expect as puberty progresses and how to manage their health, hygiene, and emotions. While it covers hygiene, body image and sexual feelings, this presentation goes further with optional slides on same-sex attraction, sexual assault, safer sex, and masturbation. It includes fun review games throughout and a final quiz for review or to assess retention.

As We Grow SMART Board™ Classroom Activity
This activity teaches the changes that boys and girls will go through in puberty in a friendly, fun way. Students will drag changes to indicate whether boys, girls, or both will go through each change in puberty and see if they are right! Can be used as a team-based game or whole class or small group activity.

Good Hygiene, Bad Manners SMART Board™ Classroom Activity
Students will learn what activities are necessary for good hygiene, which are bad manners, and which are only acceptable in private by dragging actions with pictures to their choice and talking about this decision. Ideal for small groups or a whole class activities.

These resources are accredited by SMART®.

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