Safer Sex Trivia DVD Game

Safer Sex Trivia DVD GameThis is an original Sexpressions production!
Examining all the latest methods of safer sex practices, the social issues surrounding them, STIs (formerly known as STDs), birth control, and more, this DVD game offers students accurate sexual health information.

Narrated by a female character, this game offers over 100 health trivia questions, cycling randomly between true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and labeling prompts.

Students will love playing this game and learn while they do!
Can be played as a group or competitively.

The DVD also offers additional information about condoms and sexual health in its menu.

Grades 8-12.

Available In French By Catalogue/ Disponible En Francais dans le Catalogue

Click here to play a sample of the Trivia game

Price: $65.00

Orginal Product

Orginal Product