What Are My Decisions? Activity Kit Same Day Download

Help students familiarize themselves with their beliefs surrounding their own sexual boundaries, their values around consent, and the impact of their decisions. Students will discover how situations surrounding an action can change depending on a circumstance, and how their decisions can impact their present and future health. They will also gain valuable skills for discussing their boundaries and values, equipping them for conversations to ensure consent and demand birth control and/or condoms.

Included in Kit: Statement Cards (3), Condition Cards (2), Action Cards (14), Situation Cards (26)
Concept: Students make decisions on actions they would, would not, or would consider doing, depending on the situation. Possible consequences of their actions are also discussed.

Game Duration: 50 minutes (depending on group time and discussion)

Recommended Grade Level: 7-10

What Are My Decisions? Activity Kit

Price: $52.50

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