Hook Ups and Break Ups- Get to Know you Game Same Day Download

Being in any relationship can have its challenges, and this is especially true for an intimate one! This game helps teens learn some skills about how to ask tough questions of prospective partners that they may wish to date, or may already be involved intimately with.

The structure of the activity helps foster negotiation skills and gives students ideas about what kinds of questions may be important to ask in the process of getting to know someone on a deeper level. Students take turns asking each other the questions, or can do this activity alone, as a personal reflection.


There are approximately 10 open ended questions per subject area.

The areas covered are:
-Does my partner have the qualities that I like?
-Friends and family
-How they handle certain situations
-Trusting my partner
-Attraction and sexuality with my partner
-Are we ready for a relationship?

The questions come in a booklet format, and we recommend printing 20 sets of booklets for students to play.

The game is gender neutral.

Hook Ups and Break Ups- Get to Know you Game

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