HPV Reality Check Game Same Day Download

HPV and cancer prevention education is a must for students today. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the HPV virus, the vaccines available, and its links to genital warts and cancers in woman and men. Without knowledge of what makes HPV different from other sexually transmitted infections (STIs, previously STDs), students are more at risk.

This game helps to sort out some of the myths surrounding HPV in a fun and interactive way. There are 26 facts about HPV, and students are asked to place them under a TRUE or FALSE category. The information includes points about both women and men, genital warts, cancers, pap tests, and using protection, such as condoms.

Students can play alone, or as an entire class. At the end of the game, the facts are clear, in black and white!

This game comes with an instructor's Answer Key, as well as additional notes to the instructor about HPV and health.

Included: True/ False Poster Cards and 26 Fact cards

Concept: Students match the facts to the appropriate category

HPV Reality Check Game Duration: 20 minutes + discussion
Level: Grade 8+

All playing pieces in kit are laminated so the game can be enjoyed by students over and over again.

Price: $52.50

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Orginal Product