Guide to integrating Sex Ed by Subject Same Day Download

Guide to integrating Sex-Ed- By Subject

This guide is a collection of suggestions on how to incorporate sex education into any classroom, by subject! As some schools now mandate that sex ed be taught in numerous disciplines, this handbook will provide you with strategies and examples of how to do this in all subjects.

It includes:
-Tips for teaching Sex Ed
-The basic elements of a comprehensive Sex Ed program
-What subjects should be covered at what ages
-Suggestions of how to set up ground rules
-How to make small groups
-The importance of processing discussions

It also features practical suggestions for integrating Sex Ed into the following classrooms:
-Health and Life Skills class
-Gym class
-Biology / Science class
-Ethics and Culture class
-Language class (English, French and Spanish)
-Math class
-Geography and History class

This complete document is available as a PDF on a CD-ROM. So you can save it to your computer and print the pages you need!

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Orginal Product