Diversity Activities Teaching Set

This set of 4 activity kits are classroom games complete with instructions and playing pieces to teach LGBT issues and gender diversity in a fun and creative way!

All the components in the kits come laminated and designed for reuse many times over. LGBT issues including gender and orientation are essential components of a comprehensive sexuality program and creating a safe space in any school or classroom.

Beyond Pink & Blue Activity Kit “That’s so Gay” Activity Kit

To challenge gender stereotypes, students will be asked to identify what gender- related statements they agree or disagree with.

Students identify what statements are insults or are okay to say. This activity draws out important discussions on homophobia and the impact words have.
‘Cool Scenes’ Diversity Kit Taking it for Granted: Hetrosexual &
Homosexual Relationships Activity Kit
Students vote on whether a relationship or potentially homophobic or transphobic scenario is ‘Cool’ or not and what are appropriate responses.
This activity is sure to get students thinking critically about LGBT diversity
in relationships.

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Orginal Product