Developmental Disabilities and Teaching Sex Ed Same Day Download

Developmental Disabilities and Teaching Sex Ed

This booklet is designed to give teachers and caregivers an overview of developmental disabilities and sexuality, as well as tools and suggestions for teaching sex ed.

Working with students with special needs including autism, learning disabilities, intellectual impairments, and other developmental disabilities can be a challenge. While people may have sexual feelings, there is often very little access to sex education. Youth with autism or intellectual impairments may be seen and treated as asexual when they need even more information than others.

This booklet covers:
- What are developmental disabilities?
- Why sex education is important
- Issues specific to this population
- Guidelines and suggestions for discussing sexuality
- Taking the environment into consideration
- A note about masturbation
- Additional resources for both teachers and students, including books, videos and websites.

Price: $20.00

Developmental Disabilities and Teaching Sex Ed - Audio version

Audio version:
This booklet is available in audio format for those with visual impairments. It is a .wav file so it can be played on an mp3 player, on CD, or on the computer. The booklet is narrated by Frank Kermit, and runs approximately 45 minutes.

Price: $15.00

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