Cool Scenes- Series

Get all the Cool Scenes scenarios together! This kit includes one set of 40 Cool/ Not Cool Cards (laminated), and 5 sets of scenarios.

Each subject contains 10 scenarios, for a total of 50 different scenes. The instructor will read out scenarios from a subject and students hold up the Cool or Not Cool side of the card which reflects how they feel about the situation. A brief discussion between each scenario should occur.

This set Includes:

Cool Scenes Original

Relationships are often scenario-based and many times we don't know how we will feel about a situation until we are in it. This game illustrates different scenarios relating to rape, abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, and LGBT issues and asks students to vote on whether the scene is cool or not.

Cool Scenes: Bullying

This game illustrates scenarios involving bullying among teens. Whether bullying takes the form of rumors, teasing, threats, or cyberbullying, these critical issues need to be addressed for all people involved.

Cool Scenes: Diversity

This game illustrates different scenarios specific to students who are or are perceived as LGBT and harassment they may receive.  Comments, actions and subtle homophobia or transphobia against LGBT students can have a lasting effect and students need to learn the value and appreciation of all differences to make their school a safe space.

Cool Scenes: Rural

This game is an overview of scenarios specific to rural youth in relationships, looking at values and unique realities around dating abuse, sexual coercion, consent, and accessing and using condoms and birth control.

Cool Scenes: Technology

This game illustrates different romantic relationship and bullying scenarios specific to texting, sexting, social media, cyberbullying, and the internet in general, and asks students to vote on whether the scene is cool or not.

Cool Scenes- Series

Explore all different kinds of issues with your students with this one kit series.

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