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Bullying is a major issue in high school! Many students are targeted for bullying by students who perceive any difference in peers as a cue to confront and harass. Comments and actions against students can have a lasting effect. Whether bullying takes the form of rumors, in-person threats, or cyberbullying, these critical issues need to be addressed for all people involved.

This game illustrates different scenarios that involve elements of bullying among teens. It asks students to vote on whether the scene is cool or not and what are appropriate responses. A brief discussion between each scenario should occur.

Included: Cool/ Not Cool cards, instructor scenarios

Concept: This game is an overview of bullying and cyberbullying and the effects such behaviors can have. The instructor will read out a scenario and students hold up the Cool or Not Cool side of the card which reflects how they feel about the situation.

Duration: 20 minutes + discussion
Level: Grade 7-9

Cool Scenes- Bullying

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