Beyond Pink and Blue Activity Kit Same Day Download

This activity kit will help students be more aware of the assumptions they hold about stereotypes, roles, and gender. Becoming aware of our beliefs and understanding basic media literacy are essential steps to ensuring a non-discriminatory, non-judgmental, safe space for all youth. Our stereotypes around gender can hurt people, limit our actions, or be used to empower us.

The aim of this game is break down all of these barriers, and to highlight that our assumptions around gender may not always be true. It will also serve as a gateway to discussions about many issues that come up in classrooms around gender and transgender or gender non-conforming people.

Students will be asked to identify what statements they agree or disagree with. Hearing various perspectives on gender roles through this activity will draw out important points of view on how our beliefs affect our perceptions and influence our behaviors.

Included: Agree/ Disagree/ Neutral placement cards and 45 instructor statements.

Beyond Pink and Blue Activity Kit

All playing pieces in kit are laminated so the game can be enjoyed by students over and over again.

Price: $22.50

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Orginal Product