Baby Risks Activity Kit Same Day Download

By the time they reach adolescence, most students know how babies are made. Some students, however, do not fully understand which sexual activities can lead to pregnancy and which do not. In particular, students may not know the effectiveness of condoms or other birth control.

This is a great game for students to cement the information from a sex education chapter on anatomy and reproduction. This game has students match sexual activities to the categories of High Risk, Possibility and No Risk groups for pregnancy. These activities include perfect ways of using contraception or condoms and some common mistakes, giving students the tools they need to practice safer sex.

Included: Hi/Possible/No Risk category cards, 30 activity cards.
Concept: Students match the sexual activities to the categories.
Duration: 20 minutes + discussion
*Contents of this sex ed game are sexually explicit and contain words that may not be appropriate for grades lower than 8.

Baby Risks Activity Kit

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